[Post Conference Devo] 2 Timothy 2:10

2 Timothy 2:10

Therefore I endure everything for the sake of the elect, that they also may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.


I had just been told “no” in a support raising follow up call for what seemed like the hundredth time. I’m sure I really had been told “no” over a hundred times because I had been out of contacts for a long time and was just grabbing for straws. $2,200 a month seemed like a million a month back in 1989 when I started raising support to go to Thailand. And then I had my quiet time on this verse. I quickly wrote it on a 5X7 notebook card and knew it would be a life verse for me.

Paul is writing to Timothy and has just charged Timothy with the task of multiplication. He challenged Timothy on a napkin at Chick-fil-a “early” one morning during a O3 with the impact of multiplication and about giving his life away (via SKYPE of course, since Paul was in prison!). He showed him how soldiers, athletes and farmers complete their tasks successfully.  And then he instructs Timothy to continue in the Gospel of Jesus for which Paul is chained and how the Word of God isn’t bound like he is and because of this, he writes 2 Timothy 2:10. The contrast that is so clear here in this verse is the “Everything” Paul is enduring compared to the “Everything” those who are being saved are receiving. Paul sees no comparison at all between the two! The salvation the elect are receiving through the things Paul is enduring is far greater and awesome and is of no comparison.

So why don’t we take a minute and meditate on this great salvation and the One who has paid the price to make it happen for us. Then, list out everything you are enduring right now for the sake of the elect and tell God that these are nothing compared to the salvation you’ve received and that He is granting to His elect. The past twenty-three years of Glorifying God by Building Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World in Thailand have had many high points and low points. Losing supporters and key disciples. Staff members falling into sin and having to leave staff. Our own inability to conquer the stubborn sin in our own lives. Miscarriages, infertility, lack of fruit, lack of growth, grandparents and even parents passing away while we are half a world away. The list is endless. But the “everything” we’ve endured for the sake of the elect has been more than worth it. I’m sure that on that Day we will all testify the same when we meet Him face to face. Jesus is calling us to continue enduring everything until that Day. He and I are praying for you to this end.

-Brian Firpo (Director, CO Khon Kaen)


Pray for CO Chiang Mai

  • Landing – team members arriving between August and October.

  • Church – looking for some good churches to partner with.

  • Campus – diving into new relationships at Chiang Mai university.

  • Staff to have God’s energy for all the new things to be experienced!

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