[Post Conference Devo] Job 28:24

Job 28:24

For he looks to the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens.

At first glance this verse brings to mind the pervasiveness of God. He looks to the end of the earth and sees everything. Not one thing in all creation can escape his gaze. After verse 24 Job goes on to tell how God gives the wind it’s weight, measures the waters, decrees the rain, makes a way for lightening and thunder, basically he sees everything and knows how it works because he made everything. In this particular chapter, Job is speaking and searching for wisdom. In verse 23 he says, “God understands the way to [wisdom], and he knows its place, FOR he looks to the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens”. Do you see the importance of the word “for” here? The reason that God knows where wisdom is located is because he knows where everything is; remember, he made it all.

So, where does this affect our lives? Where does this come to bear on us? Have you ever wanted wisdom in dealing with a situation on campus? Ever wanted peace from the trials that have taken place in your life? Ever want hope for your marriage and how you raise your children? Then look to God. He is the creator of these things, the maker of it all, the sustainer of every good thing. Whatever your need, whatever your circumstance, God can help.

Time to get to the heart of the matter. Do you know what else God sees? Know what else is encompassed by “everything under the heavens”? You. God sees you. God is with you. God formed you. God cares for you. And perhaps even more astounding that all these realities is that God sent his son to die for, yes, you. The pervasiveness of God becomes sweeter as you see the particular affection that He has set upon you. Everything becomes sweeter when you see that you are a unique piece of the all encompassing vision of God. He knows you, He knows what you need, and He knows that He is the answer.

-Paul Poteat (Director, CO Minneapolis)


Pray for CO Daytona Beach:

  • Growth, specifically through an opportunity to launch to a larger campus
  • More people coming to know Christ, more people sent out to make Christ known

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