[Post Conference Devo] Luke 5:10-11

Luke 5:10-11

And Jesus said to Simon, “Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men.” And when they had brought their boats to land, they left EVERYTHING and followed Him.

“With all their imperfections, which were both numerous and great, these humble fishermen of Galilee had, at the very outset of their career, one grand distinguishing virtue: they were animated by a devotion to Jesus and to the divine kingdom which made them capable of any sacrifice…They were enthusiasts: their hearts were fired, and, as an unbelieving world might say, their heads were turned about by a dream about a divine kingdom…with Jesus of Nazareth for its king. That dream possessed them, and imperiously ruled over their minds and shaped their destinies, compelling them, like Abraham, to leave their kindred and their country, and to go forth on what might appear beforehand to be a fool’s errand. Well for the world that they were possessed by the idea of the kingdom! For it was no fool’s errand on which they went forth, leaving their nets behind.”

(A.B. Bruce, The Training of the Twelve)

The twelve were animated (filled with life and enthusiasm) by a devotion to Jesus. They didn’t begrudgingly leave everything, they enthusiastically left everything. No one forced their hand, they freely gave it up. Why? Because they knew that in leaving everything back home they found everything in Him!

What stands out most to you from the above quote and why?

What does Jesus promise in Luke 5:10-11 that assures you that you have not been sent out on a fool’s errand?

-Drew Epting (Director, CO Augusta)


Pray for CO St. Louis:

  • Staff to each have a handful of men and women to pour their lives into

  • See a 2nd generation of believers raised up as students begin to own the vision of evangelism and discipleship

  • Staff to deepen and mature theologically so that we can more holistically disciple our students

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