[Post Conference Devo] Luke 5:28

Luke 5:28

And leaving everything, he rose and followed him.


As I read this verse, I am reminded of the story of William Borden.  William Borden was the heir to the Borden family fortune in the early 1900’s.  During a trip around the world after his high school graduation, William felt God calling him as one friend put it, “to throw his life away as a missionary”.  Borden had a motto that he lived by: “say ‘no’ to self and ‘yes’ to Jesus every time.”  He lived this out during his years at Yale and even started a morning prayer group that had 1,000 out of 1,300 of Yale’s students attending by the time he graduated.  After graduation, he gave up the comfortable life and the wealth that was his as a part of his inheritance.  He instead traveled to Egypt to learn Arabic so that he could take the Gospel to Muslims.  While in Egypt, he contracted spinal meningitis and died at the age of 25.  His death made news across the US and many considered his life a waste.  In Borden’s bible, he had written 3 simple phrases: “No Reserves”, “No Retreats”, & “No Regrets”.  William Borden was a man who left everything to follow Christ.

-Chuck McElroy (Director, CO Memphis)

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