[Post Conference Devo] Psalm 150:6

Psalm 150:6

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

As we have mentioned, we have been seeking to focus on EVERYTHING through these daily devotionals. We talked about it in light of:

  • EVERYTHING we are…for His glory – our story, our vision/values, our distinctives, etc.
  • EVERYTHING we are doing…for His glory – on campus, individually, regionally, globally, etc.
  • EVERYTHING we have, surrendered to Him – this being our commitment

It has been exciting to reflect on these truths through these devotionals over the last 30+ days.

Why have we focused on EVERYTHING?  Why have we been challenged to live in light of and surrender EVERYTHING to Him?  Quite simply because He is worthy and that is why He has created us.  Psalm 150:6 says…

Let EVERYTHING that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

The Psalms end with the challenge that EVERYTHING is created to praise God.  The Gospels end with Jesus telling us that He has authority in EVERYTHING, and we are to be disciples (and make disciples) in EVERYTHING.  Revelation ends by saying that Jesus will rule over EVERYTHING.  We aren’t just living out some nice, Biblical truth.  We are living out the very purpose for which we were individually created and for which CO exists…to glorify Him and to do that specifically by building laborers on the campus for the lost world.

One of the early, early praise choruses of the praise movement 40 years ago was “In my life, be glorified”.  The subsequent verses inserted lots of different specific things in the place of “life” (in my home, in my heart, in my words, etc.).

Take a moment and think of 10 specific areas that you want to see God glorified in this week.  Ask Him to do this!  Take just an additional moment and ask God to be glorified in EVERYTHING that CO is and is doing (staff, students, ministries, evangelism, discipling, leader training, etc. etc.).

Father, thank You for EVERYTHING You have done over these last 45 days in the Conference and since the Conference to glorify Yourself in and through us.  We want every breath we breathe to be one that praises You and glorifies You.  We want our lives and this movement to bring praise to You!

-Kent Bailey (Global Servant Team)


Pray for CO Washington DC:

  • Getting ministry multiplying on all of our campuses

  • Mobilizing and hiring of our first class of graduates

  • God would provide the finances and housing needed to live in our expensive context/city

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